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Updated 10/03/17


Malaria: More than Just ”Bad Air” 2013-14, Oehler, MD

Medical Tourism, Montero, MD

Medical Micro Biotechnology, Smith, MD

Medical Mycology if Importance to the ID Clinician and Surgical Pathologist, Sandin, MD

Meningitis and Encephalitis, Toney, MD

Meningitis Review, Greene, MD

Microbial Pathogenesis Update, Heinzel, MD

Microbiology and the Pathogenesis of Lung and Other Cancers, Robinson, MD

Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, Rivera, MD

Mosquito-borne Infections, Mannivannan, MD

Mould Infections, Review of, Velez, MD

MRSA and Pets, Oehler, MD

MRSA: New Issues for 2009, Oehler, MD

Multistate Fungal Meningitis Outbreak, Ayarza, MD

Mycobacterium Abscessus in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients, Halliday, DO

Mycobacterial Infections Photo Review, Greene, MD

Mycology, Introduction to Medical, Sandin, MD


Neurological Complications of HIV/AIDS, Oehler, MD

Neutropenic Fever and Related Clinical Symptoms, Velez, MD

Neutropenic Fever in the 21st Century, Quilitz, Pharm.D.

New Recommendations for the Diagnosis of HIV Infection, Torres, MD

Nontuberculous Pulmonary Mycobacteria Update:, Oehler, MD

Nocardiosis, Oehler, MD

Nocardiosis, The Role of TMP/SMX in the treatment of, Pasikhova, PharmD

Nonvenereal Treponemotoses, Maroun, MD


Opportunistic Infections, HIV/AIDS and, Casañas, DO

Orthopedic Infections Review, Greene MD

Orthopoxviruses, Castro, R, MD

Osteomyelitis, Gompf, MD

Osteomyelitis, Management of, Cancio, MD

Outbreaks and the Role of The CDC’s EIS, Vega, MD

Overview of Beta-lactamases in Gram Negative Resistance, Pasikhova, Pharm.D.


Penicillin and Beta-lactam Allergy: The True Clinical Implication, Ibekweh, PharmD

Pneumonia Patterns, Greene, MD

Pneumonia and the Immuocompromised Host, Greene, MD

Positive Blood Culture, What to Do With a, Oehler, MD

Postsplenectomy Management, Heinzel, MD

Pre-travel Immunizations and Travel Consultations, Paruolo, DO

Procalcitonin, Choe, MD

Prosthetic Joint Infection, So, Pharm.D

Primer on Respiratory Infections in Immunocompromised Patients, Baluch, MD

Professionalsm in Infectious Diseases, Sinnott, MD

Public Health and ID in the Age of Pandemic Flu, Haight, MD



Rabies 101, Sriaroon, MD

Rapid Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases, Oehler, MD

Review of HIV-Associated Drug Interactions, Cheung, PharmD

Rickettsial Infections, Acevedo, MD


Screening of Solid Organ Transplant Recipients, Alrabaa, MD

Sepsis and Specific Case scenarios, Baluch, MD

Sepsis: The Saga Continues, Toney, MD

Sixth Extinction: Infectious Diseases Implications, Toney, MD

Skin and Soft Tissue Photo Review, Gompf, MD

Skin and Soft Tissue Board Review, Greene, MD

Staphylococcus Aureus Infections, Update, Toney, MD

STD Update for 2017, Alcaide, MD

Syndromes that Masquerade as Infections, Oehler, MD


TB Meningitis, Rosas, MD

T Cells: Phenotypic and Immunologic Functions, Heinzel, MD

Tick-borne Illnesses, Overview, Katta, MD

Top Ten Events in Infectious Diseases, Gompf, MD

Top Ten Infectious Diseases of All Time, Chambers, MD

Top Ten Lesser Known Contemporary Outbreaks, Oehler, MD

Transplant Inf. Diseases, Introduction to, Baluch, MD

Transplant Infectious Diseases: Infections in the Cancer Patient, Baluch, MD

Travel Medicine for the Clinician, Sinnott, MD

Traveler, Fever in the Returning, Alrabaa, MD

Travel Medicine Recommendations, Ayarza, MD

Tropical Infections Review, Greene, MD

Tropical Medicine Cases from the Gorgas Course I, Ianiro, MD

Tropical Medicine Cases from the Gorgas Course II, Ianiro, MD

Trypanasomiasis, Katta, MD

Tuberculosis Epidemiology and TB/HIV Interactions, Casañas, MD

Twenty Skin Infections to be aware of, Velez, MD


Update on Mycology for 2016, So, Pharm.D

The Use of Nuclear Medicine in ID, Smith, MD


Vaccine Health Disparities in the U.S., Morano, MD

Vaccine Preventable Childhood Diseases, Acevedo, MD

Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers, Maroun, MD

Viral Hepatitis: Approaches to Management, Franck, MD

Viral Hepatitis Syndromes, Focus on HSCT Patients, Greene, MD

Viral Infections Photo Review, Greene, MD


West Nile Virus: The First Decade, Oehler, MD

Worms for the Boards’, Franck, MD




Zika and Emerging Arboviruses in the Americas, Gompf, MD

Zoonoses associated with Exotic Pets, Jones, DO


Adult Immunizations, Damisse, MD

Adult Immunizations Update, Toney, MD

Adult Vaccination Update, Cheung, PharmD

Adult, Adolescent, and Pediatric Vaccines, Chiriboga, MD

Adverse Drug Reactions, Kynaston, MD

Altered Mental Status, ID Causes of, Greene, MD

Aminoglycoside Dosing Techniques, Cheung, PharmD.

Amoebiasis, Rosas, MD

Anal Cancer in HIV Positive MSMs, Castro, MD

Antibiotic Dosing in End Stage Renal Disease, Cheung, Pharm.D

Antibiotic Dosing in Obese Patients, Le, PharmD.

Antibiotic Dosing in Dialysis Patients, Le, PharmD.

Antibiotic Pipeline, What’s New in the, Jones, DO

Antibiotic Review: Beta-Lactams, Toney, MD

Antibiotic Stewardship in the Cancer Patient, Quilitz, PharmD

Antibiotic Stewardship in Oncologic Care, Baluch, MD

Antibiotic Use: Introduction for 2011, Greene, MD

Antifungal Options for the Oncology Patient, Quilitz, PharmD

Antifungal prophylaxis in Cancer Patients, Quilitz, PharmD

Antimicrobial Stewardship Lessons, Toney, MD

Asymptomatic Bacteriuria, Velez, MD


Bartonellosis, Addisu, MD

Beta-Lactam Allergy, So, MD

Brucellosis, Oehler, MD

Bug Bowl: Bacteriology Edition, Oehler, MD

Bugs, Drugs, and Stem Cells, Baluch, MD


Candidiasis, The Pharmacotherapy of Invasive, Le, PharmD

Case Studies from India, Patel, MD

Chagas Disease, Nguyen, MD

Changing Face of MRSA: Considerations for Changing Patient Outcomes, So, Pharm.D

Chikungunya in the Tropical Americas, Mojica, MD

Cholera, Castro, M., MD

Clinical Immunology in ID, Vega, MD

Clostridium and Other Gas Forming Infections, Greene, MD

Clostridium difficile Disease, Kam, PharmD

CMV in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients, Mayer, DO

CNS Infections Review, Greene, MD

Cryptococcus Gattii, Halliday, DO

Culture Negative Endocarditis, Manivannan, MD

Cure for HIV: The Eradication of Viral Reservoirs, Paruolo, MD

Climate Change and Infectious Diseases: A Decade Later, Castro, MD


Dates in ID: Ancient Times to 1900 AD, Oehler, MD

Dates in ID: Late 20th Century Edition, Oehler, MD

Dengue Fever, Rihana, MD

Dermatology, Infections and, Greene, MD

Dermatology in HIV Infection, Rihana, MD

Diabetic Foot Infections: Clinical Management, Oehler, MD

Diagnostic Approach to Congenital Infections in the Neonate, Lujan-Zilbermann

Diagnostics in Infectious Diseases, Akoghlanian, MD

Diarrhea syndromes, Greene, MD


Ebolavirus: The 2014 Outbreak, Mojica, MD

Echocardiography in Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia, Klinkova, MD

Update on Ebola Virus Disease, Vega, MD

Electronic Resources for Internal Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Oehler, MD

Emerging Arboviruses: What’s Next After Zika? Gonzalez, MD

Evaluating the Medical Literature: A Critical Approach, Pasikhova, MD

Evidence-Based Infectious Diseases,Toney, MD

Extended Spectrum Azoles in BMT, Quilitz, Pharm.D


Fecal Microbiota Transplantation, Katayama, MD

Fever Patterns and Infection, Castro [Robert], MD

Fidaxomicin: Treatment Role, Alrabaa, MD

Fidaxomicin: Case Study, Alrabaa, MD

Foodborne Pathogens Review, Gompf, MD

Food Safety, Gompf, MD

Fresh and Saltwater Exposure, Infections of, Pandya, MD

Fungal Infections, Introduction to, Velez, MD

Fungal Infections Review, Greene, MD

Fungal Infections for 2017, Review of Invasive, Quilitz, Pharm.D.


Gastroenterocolitis, Greene, MD

Genetics of Infectious Diseases, Sinnott, MD

Global Epidemiology of Childhood Infectious Diseases, Menezes, Ph.D.

Global Swarming: Infectious Diseases and Climate Change, Oehler, MD

Glycopeptide Resistance in MRSA, Moellering, MD

Gram Negative Susceptibility Testing, Toney, MD


H1N1 Flu and Pregnancy, Greene, MD

Haiti: Before and After the Earthquake, Mai, MD

Head and Neck Infections Review, Greene, MD

Head and Neck Infections, Photo Review, Sinnott, MD

Health Care Disparities, International, Wills, MD

Hepatitis B Update, Phung, MD

Hepatitis C: Modern Considerations for Therapy, Morano, MD

Hepatitis C Virus Basics, Torres-Velazco, MD

History of Medicine: Selections from the History of Medicine Science Museum, Oehler, MD

HIV and Malignancy: Understanding oncogenesis in the age of ART, Morano, MD

HIV and Renal Disease, LaMarche, MD

HIV: The Basics for 2010, Oehler, MD

HIV Boot Camp, Part 1 (2017), Morano, MD

HIV Boot Camp, Part 2 (2017)  Morano, MD

HIV: Challenges and Opportunities, Nadler, MD

HIV Clinic Pearls, Morano, MD

HIV long Term Prognosis: Optimistic Outcomes, Morano, MD

HIV-Related Malignancies, Review of, Carrington, MD

HIV Research, Future Directions for, Nadler, MD

How to Talk to the Media as an ID Specialist, Haight, MD


ID Trivia, Richard L. Oehler, MD

Infections of the Eye, Toney, MD

Infections in Immunocompromised Hosts, Oehler, MD

Infectious Diseases and Polytrauma, Heinzel, MD

Infections in Burn Patients, Montero, MD

Infectious Diseases Issues: Pre and Post Transplantation, Irby, MD

Infectious Diseases Considerations in Solid Organ Transplantation, Houston, MD

Infectious Diseases Emergencies, Syed, MD

Infectious Diseases of Historical Importance, Pettigrew, MD

Infective Endocarditis: Beyond the Guidlines, Tash, MD

Influenza Vaccination Update, 2016-17, Cheung, PharmD

Intravascular Device Related Infections, Carrington, MD

Infections of Intravascular Catheters (2013), Oehler, MD

International Health Care Disparities: Haiti, Noel, MD

Invasive Mould Infections: Review of Recent Literature, Baluch, MD




Legionella, Kenney, MD

Leprosy, Heinzel, MD

Long Term Care Associated Infections, Greene MD

Long Term Nonprogressors and Elite Controllers in HIV infection, Mai, MD