The Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Pandemic Looms

Seetha Lakshmi, MD
Monday, February 24, 2020
Category: Epidemiology, International Medicine, Outbreaks, Pulmonary Infections, Viral Infections

Dr. Seetha Lakshmi, Associate Professor and Infectious Diseases Physician at the University of South Florida, presents an overview of this novel pathogen. Responsible for a December 2019 outbreak originating in China’s Hubei province, the virus has now been responsible for thousands of deaths and has spread to multiple countries outside of China with recent outbreaks in South Korea, Japan, and Iran, and Italy. Dr. Lakshmi begins her talk by describing the epidemiology of Coronaviruses, which can range from simple causes of the common cold to deadly infections like SARS. She then describes the pathophysiology of how the virus causes respiratory disease and the means by which it is spread. She discusses how misinformation can easily propagate about COVID-19 in our modern connected world. She closes by describing what the future likely holds for COVID-19 Coronavirus transmission in the West, the U.S, and states like Florida.

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