About USF Health ID Podcasts

The University of South Florida and USF Health’s Division of Infectious Disease’s groundbreaking educational podcast platform, IDPodcasts, is poised for its next decade and beyond. Founded in 2007, at the dawn of the podcast era (YouTube was founded in 2005, TED Online in 2006) as a collaboration between current chairman of the Department of Internal Medicine, Dr. John Sinnott, and then Associate Professor, Dr. Richard Oehler, the platform originated as a website (https://www.idpodcasts.net) in 2007. We posted our first podcast, “A Tour of the Medical Wing of the London Museum of Science,” on June 29th, 2007.

Over the past fifteen plus years, we have expanded to include iTunes podcast series (2007), Smartphone and Tablet apps (Apple and Android, 2009), a highly successful Youtube Channel, as well as Facebook and Twitter sites (2012 to present). An all new IOS Smartphone app premiered in 2023 and is now live on the App Store.

We now collectively offer over 300 podcasts across all of our platforms in multiple disciplines of medical and infectious disease practice, including the history of medicine, HIV/AIDS care, public health, tropical medicine, hospital-acquired infections, STDs, infections in the immunocompromised, and others.

The best part about IDPodcasts for its listeners is that its resources are FREE and available to all! This is due to the passion for teaching and a commitment to share knowledge on the part of its founders and the University of South Florida and affiliated infectious disease faculty and non-faculty presenters who contribute to our expanding digital library.

In 2017, we released new apps for smartphones and tablets for Apple users. In 2018, we inaugurated the new IDPodcasts 2.0 web site. This ushered in further expansion with international podcasts, more curated content, a new ID Podcasts Blog page, and better website compatibility across multiple devices. Joining the IDPodcasts IOS app in 2023 is an updated Android app to bring full compatibility to both major smartphone platforms.

ID Podcasts is privately supported and currently accepts no commercial sponsorship. For those who wish to privately support our mission to “teach infectious diseases, one podcast at a time,” and keep IDPodcasts sponsor-free, donations are welcome. To make a financial contribution to our site, please visit our “Support Us” page. If you have a podcast that you’d like to share with the IDPodcasts community, please see our “Submit a Podcast” page.

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