App Updates

November 29th, 2018

The IDPodcasts Team appreciates all the interest we receive on a regular basis for our smartphone and tablet apps. Although we premiered an all new web site in 2018, our app updates have lagged behind. A few months ago, our Android app stopped working due to software compatibility. Our IOS app continues to function, but is sorely in need of new updates.

Fortunately, in 2019, the IDPodcasts platform will welcome new Android and IOS apps! We hope that these new generation apps will include additional functionality that all of our users will enjoy. Specifically, we wish to integrate:

1. Standalone audio podcast compatibility for listening in environments where an audio podcast is appropriate (such as in the car) and where you need your phone for other purposes.
2. Feedback comment capability within the app.
3. More comprehensive indexing.
4. News, blogs, and other features we have added to our web site this year.

While we bring our new apps to completion, for (especially Android) smartphone and tablet users who cannot use our apps, please note that our website is mobile device friendly and should play in any browser. Also, all of our podcast content is still available at our youtube channel at

Thank you for supporting our content now for over ten years!