IDPodcasts offers Coronavirus Resources during the 2020 Pandemic

May 18th, 2020

Tampa, FL, US – May 18, 2020.  To help clinicians and the public keep up with the latest information on the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, IDPodcasts has been leveraging its online resources to offer information via its Website and YouTube channel.  Podcasts by USF Infectious Diseases attending Dr. Ana Velez, Dr Richard Oehler, ID Podcasts Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Seema Lakshmi, head of Coronavirus planning and epidemiology at Tampa General Hospital, and Dr. John Greene, Chief of Infectious Diseases at Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, now have been posted on our sites.  In addition, continuously updated coronavirus information is available through the “Latest ID News” scroll via or content partner, CIDRAP.


In addition, ID Podcasts’ extensive podcast archive offers supplementary content on other outbreaks, including podcasts on Smallpox, Ebola virus disease, and Zoonoses.  And IDPodcasts will continue to add new content regarding Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as the pandemic progresses.