Clostridium Difficile: History, Management, and Updates

Alberto Contreras, MD
Monday, July 19, 2021
Category: Ambulatory Care Infections, Bacterial Infections, GI Infections

Dr. Contreras, Infectious Diseases fellow at the University of South Florida, discusses a review of Clostridium difficile disease, a major healthcare-associated disorder. He begins by discussing the history of this potentially devastating disease. He then reviews basic epidemiology trends over the last several decades. Next, he reviews C. difficile risk factors. Following this, Dr. Contreras shares the latest recommendations from the recently published new C. difficile IDSA guidelines, including recent changes to the initial treatment of first outbreaks of the disease. Lastly, Dr. Contreras discusses management options for recurrent C difficile, including fecal transplantation, Bezlotoximab, and other potential future therapies.

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