Invasive Fungal Infections in the Immunocompromised Host

Aliyah Baluch, MD
Aliyah Baluch, MD, Msc
Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Category: Immunocompromised Host, Infectious in Oncology, Mould Infections

Dr. Aliyah Baluch focuses on the work-up and treatment of invasive fungal infections in the immunosuppressed patients. Fungal infections have high morbidity and mortality, but can be hard to clinically diagnose. Invasive infections occur in ICU, Diabetes Mellitus, and immunocompromised patients. Dr. Baluch covers both aspects of Candida and non-Candida species infections, including risk factors, symptoms, prognosis, work-up, and treatment in patients with immunosuppressed patients. She includes a review of fungal structure and the mechanism of action of the drug classes used to treat them – Echinocandins, Polyenes, and Triazoles. She covers timelines that indicate which species to expect during each stage of immunosuppression and with different mechanisms of immunosuppression, including differences between stem cell and solid organ transplants. Biomarkers for treatment and international patterns of drug resistance are also discussed.

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