Managing Beta-Lactam Allergies

Tiffany Ward
Thursday, February 16, 2023
Category: Allergies and Adverse Drug Reactions, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Pharmacotherapy

Dr. Tiffany Ward, Infectious Diseases Pharmacist at the James Haley VA hospital in Tampa, FL, begins her presentation by reviewing the impact of beta-lactam allergies on individual patients and the healthcare system. She then discusses the classification system for the different types of hypersensitivity reactions. Next, Dr. Ward discusses the various dermatologic manifestations of an acute drug allergy. Dr. Ward then mentions the use of cephalosporins in patients with penicillin allergies. She goes on to explain how beta-lactam allergy testing is performed. Lastly, she relates the importance of updating antibiotic allergy information in the medical chart for effective anti-infective management and care.

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