Sepsis and Case scenarios

Aliyah Baluch, MD
Aliyah Baluch, MD, Msc
Monday, May 11, 2015
Category: Bacterial Infections, Sepsis

Dr. Aliyah Baluch reviews the Surviving Sepsis Campaign, current updates on sepsis, and some cases of sepsis. Dr. Baluch goes over SIRS, sepsis, and shock criteria, epidemiology, etiology/pathophysiology, diagnosis, work-up, and both empiric and definitive treatments. She touches on toxin etiologies, risk factors for severe sepsis, including immunosuppression. Sepsis can present in various ways – ARDS, Sick Euthyroid, Delirium, Ileus, and DIC, among other systemic disorders and Dr. Baluch discusses the importance of treating the potentially fatal condition. She addresses goals of therapy by the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and the effects of the campaign.

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