The History of Antibiotics: Past, Present and Future

Yanina Pasikhova, Pharm.D.
Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Category: History of Infectious Diseases, Pharmacotherapy

Yanina Pasikhova, PharmD, discusses the history of antimicrobial drugs and the future implications in the setting of increased antimicrobial resistance. Infectious diseases were the leading cause of death in the pre-antibiotic era – including pneumonia, TB, enteritis, and wound infections. She discusses the advent of penicillin and sulfa-antibiotics, among 14 unique classes of antibiotics during the golden age of antimicrobials. She also discusses the development of resistance early in the golden age, and increased resistance today. She tracks the etiology of resistance including antibiotic overuse and use in animal feed. She also discusses several patients who succumbed to resistant infections. Recently approved antimicrobials and their indications are also presented.

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