The Tale of an Ancient Ally: Phage Therapy, Part II

Jesus Diaz, MD
Thursday, February 22, 2024
Category: Bacterial Infections

Dr. Diaz Vera, Infectious Diseases Fellow at the University of South Florida Division of Infectious Diseases, presents a companion lecture to his original talk on bacteriophage therapy. Because of the rising tide of antimicrobial resistance, many experts believe that we are entering the post-antibiotic era in medicine. As a result, researchers are exploring phage-antimicrobial synergy in an attempt to make our antibiotic armamentarium go farther. Dr. Diaz elaborates on the application of phage-antimicrobial synergy and provides examples of phage therapy utilized in the clinical setting.

For Dr. Diaz’s original talk, please click here: Intro to Bacteriophage therapy

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