Updates in Coccidioidomycosis

Fariba Donovan, MD, PhD
Thursday, May 20, 2021
Category: Central Nervous System Infections, Environmental ID, Mould Infections, Pulmonary Infections, Travel Medicine

Dr. Fariba Donovan, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona, and Faculty Member of the Valley Fever Center for Excellence in Tucson, presents her thoughts and perspectives on Coccidioidomycosis, a soil fungus that produces a variety of different pulmonary and non-pulmonary human infections in both immunocompetent and immunocompromised hosts. Dr. Donovan begins her presentation by discussing the epidemiology of Cocci, including the regional areas of high endimicity and typical environmental exposure risks. She then further defines the typical signs of mild self-limited “Valley Fever” and differentiates this from disseminated forms of the infection. The diagnostic work up of Cocci is then reviewed, and she then describes patient treatment, outcomes, and prognosis. Lastly, Dr. Donovan comments on the risks of endemic mycoses on patients on the newer immunomodulatory agents.

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