Arboviruses and Zoonotic Infections

Jacqueline Sherbuk, MD
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Category: Arboviruses, International Medicine, Viral Infections

Dr. Jackie Sherbuk, Assistant Professor at the Division of Infectious Diseases and International Medicine at the USF Morsani College of Medicine presents this Podcast on Viral Zoonotic and Arboviral infections. Medical syndromes discussed includes Rabies, Orf (Ecthyma contagiosum), Herpes B Virus, Alphavirus, Chikungunya, Dengue fever, Yellow fever, West Nile Virus, Japanese Encephalitis, Tick-borne Encephalitis, Hantavirus, California Encephalitis, And Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis virus. Board review type questions are also presented to aid in integrating the information presented in the talk

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