Switching Antiretroviral Therapy

Jacqueline Sherbuk, MD
Thursday, May 11, 2023
Category: HIV/AIDS

Dr. Jacqueline Sherbuk, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of South Florida Morsani Division of Infectious Diseases, presents information on considerations for switching antiretroviral therapy in the HIV positive patient. Dr. Sherbuk begins by presenting the indications for switching therapy (pill burden, adverse effects, etc). Next, she explains various factors to consider when switching regimens, including prior ARV (antiretroviral) history, comorbidities, and so on. Next she covers the reasons for virologic failure, and how resistance assays are crucial to determining the best path forward if ARV agents need to be modified. Dr. Sherbuk then relates the basic principles of choosing a new ARV regimen. Lastly, the speaker discusses several case based examples of switching therapy with explanation of the rationale and best practice approaches in doing so.

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