Infectious Diseases: Evolution, Revolution, Heresy, Enlightenment?

Dr. John T Sinnott
John T. Sinnott, MD
Monday, August 26, 2019
Category: Antimicrobial Resistance Mechanisms, History of Infectious Diseases, Miscellaneous, Outbreaks, Stewardship

Dr. Sinnott’s grand rounds presentation reflects upon the history of infectious diseases, from the late 1960’s, when the battle with infectious agents was felt to have been won, to the present age of widespread antimicrobial resistance, emerging pathogens, and the newer therapies of the “post-antibiotic era.” He focuses on genetic susceptibility, and how this has played a major role in infectious diseases outbreaks of the past. He also touches upon commercial “boutique” genetics services which offer to sequence an individual’s genome for ancestry and hereditary purposes. Lastly, he comments on the importance of the human microbiome to disease susceptibility and wellness.

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