Infections of Intravascular Catheters

Richard L. Oehler, MD
Friday, August 17, 2018
Category: Bacterial Infections, Device Related Infections, Hospital Infections

In this updated talk, Dr. Oehler discusses the assessment and management of infections of central catheters. Dr. Oehler begins his talk by covering the epidemiology of central line infections, including the most common organisms involved, and covers the different types of intravascular devices. He then discusses the mechanisms by which central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI’s) occur, differentiating hematogenous, hub-related, entry site, and infusate-related etiologies. He also covers infection risk factors, the diagnostic workup, and under what circumstances device removal is necessary. Infection management in the context of specific pathogens is also addressed. Furthermore, Dr. Oehler discusses the concept of antibiotic lock therapy and how it can be an adjunctive management strategy. Lastly, Dr. Oehler differentiates between insertion site and exit site infections where they relate to tunneled catheters and offers a summary of the 5 most effective approaches to reducing CLABSIs in the hospital setting.

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